Welcome to Wilderness Travel

Backpacking 101 Lecture Series

The scope of the Backpacking 101 series is to provide clear and sound coverage of the current concepts, techniques, and challenges involved in the pursuit of exploring the backcountry and to provide a fundamental understanding of each topic covered.  Our objective with this series is to:

  1. To have a clear understanding of the basics of backcountry skills. To teach you how to be “safe and comfortable in the backcountry.
  2. To learn the inherent risks and challenges of the backcountry.
  3. To develop the skills necessary to mitigate those risks and develop strategies to overcome those challenges.   

Welcome to Course 6 - Wilderness Travel

"Wilderness Travel" is the sixth course in our Backpacking 101 lecture series. You now have a strong grasp on all the types of clothing and gear used in the outdoor world as well as how to plan map out, and navigate your backpacking trip. Now it is time to hit the trail and explore the wilderness. In this course we will cover the proper skills and techniques used in wilderness travel as well as the fundamentals in how to prepare yourself for the adventure.

Most of the techniques and skills in wilderness travel are picked up as you build your experience in the backcountry. The most important thing I have learned on this subject is "Situational Awareness" coupled with an understanding of nature and the terrain. Camping out in the backcountry is one thing but getting from the trailhead to your campsite is entirely another matter. Wilderness travel is the art of getting there – along trails, around brush, across rock, over snow, and through steams. Mastering the skills of wilderness travel will open the world to your adventure portfolio. In this course we will cover all the essentials in wilderness travel so that you can have greatest chance for a safe and successful trip. These essentials include;

  • Where to gather all your route information
  • How to find a lost trail
  • How to prep yourself for wilderness travel
  • Different hiking techniques and how to conserve your energy levels
  • How to travel as a group
  • Strategies on how to handle wildlife encounters
  • How to travel off-trail and through harsh terrain such as brush, alpine, and snow
  • Techniques for river crossings

The strategy for covering this material will be laid out in the following way:

  1. Routefinding Skills
  2. Traveling
  3. Wildlife Encounters
  4. Off-Trail Travel - Traversing Harsh Terrain

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