The scope of this course is to provide clear and sound coverage of the current concepts, techniques, and challenges involved in the pursuit of exploring the backcountry and to provide a fundamental understanding of each topic covered. In this course we will cover the proper clothing you need to explore your world and immerse yourself into the wild. The course begins by defining why you need proper clothing and the importance of regulating your body temperature. From there, we will cover the different types of fabrics used and why they are special. Next, the course goes into how to apply a layering technique in order to maximize the desired effectiveness. Finally we will put all these elements together so you can build yourself an effective clothing system for your next outdoor adventure.

Hi, I’m your instructor, Jeremiah Pastor

The “Bullfrog” is one of the founders of AcadianX Outdoor Adventures and its Lead Expedition Guide. Inspired by his love of adventure he continues to explore his world and pass on what he has learned through a lifetime of wilderness ventures. Jeremiah is a former Navy SEAL and a veteran of the deep sea diving industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been trained in advanced field medical practices at the Special Operations Medical Training Course in Ft. Bragg, NC. In addition he is an expert in expedition planning and navigation and is responsible for most of the trips taken on by AcadianX.

Jeremiah has successfully guided multi-day backpacking adventures to places such as the Grand Canyon NP, Yellowstone NP, Yosemite NP, The Everglades NP, Death Valley NP, Zion NP, and Glacier NP just to name a few. He possesses world class leadership skills and loves to teach others the joy of exploring their world. His most memorable experiences are when he takes his teenage daughter on his adventures with him because the memories they create together will last a lifetime.

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Video Lectures, Comprehensive Resources, & Reinforcing Quizzes

This course is loaded with video lectures and demonstrations that go into great detail on the subjects covered. With each lecture are also detailed text that will give you a comprehensive view of each piece of clothing and equipment that we review. You will also be given access to downloadable gear lists and gear suggestions to help you start building your own gear loadout for your next adventure.

Learn Online & At Your Own Pace

This course is set up to be delivered in an online format when ever you are ready. Simply login and begin your session. You can pause and take breaks at any time or come back to it another day. This is a self pace study program so you can complete is as fast or as slow as you like.

Comprehensive Look Into Outdoor Clothing

In this course you will learn about all the proper clothing and needed to keep yourself safe and comfortable when your in the backcountry. We will breakdown all the different elements of your clothing profile and also look at all of the options you have available. By the time you have completed the course you will now no exactly what you need, no more, no less.