Welcome to Backpacking 101

Backpacking 101 Lecture Series

The scope of the Backpacking 101 series is to provide clear and sound coverage of the current concepts, techniques, and challenges involved in the pursuit of exploring the backcountry and to provide a fundamental understanding of each topic covered.  Our objective with this series is to:

  1. To have a clear understanding of the basics of backcountry skills. To teach you how to be “safe and comfortable in the backcountry.
  2. To learn the inherent risks and challenges of the backcountry.
  3. To develop the skills necessary to mitigate those risks and develop strategies to overcome those challenges.   

Welcome to Course 2 - Backpack Fundamentals

"Backpack Fundamentals" is the third course in the Backpacking 101 lecture series. You now have a strong grasp on all the clothing and gear used in the outdoor world and now it is time to figure out how to transport it. In this course we will cover how to properly use a backpack and make sure its the right pack for you. The course begins by defining the different aspects of a backpack and then covers how to properly pack your gear. Next, we will go over how to proper size and fit a pack so that it is the best fit for you. We will also discuss weight considerations to include how much weight you should carry. Finally, we will briefly discuss a few waterproofing techniques for your pack. The course is outlined as such:

  1. How to Pack Your Backpack
  2. Properly Fitting Your Pack
  3. Weight Considerations
  4. Waterproofing Your Pack

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